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Is it really possible for every student to learn to read?

The situation is critical. Students who can’t read well by the end of third grade almost never catch up without targeted intervention. Nearly half of our high school students drop out before graduation.

The outlook remains grim despite the billions of dollars which have been spent. If there were an easy solution, would that make a difference in your school? Most people don’t believe it’s possible, but it is. It’s simple and it’s low cost.

A Bold Two-Part Strategy for Schools

1. Obtain agreements from all your K-3 teachers to be trained in the Academic Associates methodology and that they will follow the protocol exclusively in their classrooms.

2. Train at least one other teacher in the methodology. This teacher (or these teachers) will be responsible for students who fall behind in the classrooms, for students who may enroll in mid-year, and for pull-out students in all grades. The Academic Associates method will be the exclusive intervention tool for these students.

These teachers will be certified as Reading Instruction Specialists. They should meet at least monthly to discuss individual concerns and to provide feedback to each other. School administration will appoint one of them as liaison to Academic Associates for counseling on specific issues. Academic Associates will provide periodic follow-up monitoring and continuous availability for counseling.

Unprecedented gains

Unprecedented gains
Schools which use Academic Associates methodology exclusively in K-3 and with pull-out students in K-12 report excellent results.

When the Academic Associates methodology is incorporated into your curriculum, your students will achieve unprecedented reading gains beginning with the first year.

The kindergarten class of Schulenburg Elementary School in Texas averaged two-thirds of the way through first grade in word-attack skills, the first step in learning to read. Those students were prepared to enter first grade with a huge advantage.

The headmaster of South Shore Christian Academy in Weymouth, Massachusetts, stated, “I knew the Academic Associates method would be effective, but it has far exceeded my expectations.” Their students are among the few in the nation that surpass their appropriate levels by a wide margin.

In Palm Desert, California, students in Patty Rouse’s first grade averaged mid-fourth grade in reading. As her students move up through the grades, teachers express great appreciation for their excellent reading skills. “I sincerely wish that every school in America would use the Academic Associates methodology,” Ms. Rouse said recently.

Other schools report equally impressive results.

In the summer of 2010, Dr. Evenel Mervilus, Ed.D., former university teacher and TV personality, went back to his native Haiti and trained 27 teachers from seven schools. Dr. Mervilus reports that the teachers were thrilled with the results the methodology produced in their French-speaking students, all of whom want to learn to read English.

If your school is serious about raising the reading ability of their students, we invite you to call us at (800) 550-9194 or (630) 777-0209 and arrange for training at your site or ours. We can provide professional references that include school psychologists, administrators, reading teachers, classroom teachers and community leaders.

We provide a reading program that Colleges and Universities can’t. Your teachers can become Reading Instruction Specialists in five days or less. They will have the skills and tools to enable every student to become an excellent reader.

For individual teachers who desire to use the program in their classroom we offer a special single teacher price. Call the numbers above.

Academic Associates Addresses These Problems Directly

Teach Others to Read

Teach Others to Read