Frequently asked questions about getting licensed

Q What is the cost of the program and what do I receive for my investment of money and time?
A Our elite reading program costs $3500, but given the results yielded, its valued at so much more. You will receive 20 hours of personal training, guided teaching practice, student materials, teacher manuals, a certificate of completion, and a license in the the Academic Associates® Reading Program. You will also be included in the official database of licensed instructors and website, and have access to monthly support for one year.

Q Where do I take the training and when is it offered?
A Your training will be at Alpha Reading Center, the headquarters of the Academic Associates® Reading Program located in Itasca, Illinois. We accommodate training schedules according to availability.  An option of training in your own facility or online is available.

Q Where do I stay during the training?
A There are several local hotels from which to choose. Transportation to and from our center headquarters is provided.

Q How do I earn my certification?
A A certificate will be awarded when mastery of teaching the reading program and knowledge of its content is demonstrated.  Prospective licenses must complete the 20 hours of training plus participation in a teaching practicum for the reading program.

Q How thorough is the training?
A You will be taken through the program as though you were a student you’d be teaching. We cover every aspect of the reading curriculum. Preparation for training is a must.  Trainees should be prepared with their readings completed prior to each training session and should expect to take notes during each session.  Questions are encouraged. Trainees will be given opportunities to practice the lessons learned through teaching actual lessons.  After the initial training, ongoing consultation and support is made available.

Q After I pay for the program, do I need to pay for anything else?
A You may choose to purchase additional materials. After your initial year, there is a small yearly fee to renew your license.

Q What steps are necessary to take the training and get the materials?
A Here are a few steps you need to take:
• A completed and approved application
• A clear background check
• A mastery of the English language
• An interview
• Payment: A deposit (to schedule training) & remaining balance (due prior to training)

Q What is my next step?
A Call us with any further questions. If you decide you want to do this and have a date in mind, we ask for a $500 deposit (part of the total cost).

Q What if I get there and find out this is not for me?
A After you start your training, you’ll have two days to decide if this is for you. If you decide it isn’t we will only charge you for the hours of training you already had and will  refund you the rest.


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