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World's most effective reading instruction methodology
Why do teachers from all over the United States, Egypt, Japan, England, Canada, Malaysia, Mali, Nigeria, Qatar, Israel, and other countries come to the Academic Associates International Training Center in Kansas City, Missouri or our headquarters in La Quinta, California? Is it because the Academic Associates reading instruction methodology is the most effective the world has ever seen? Ask any of them and they'll answer, "Yes! Definitely!"

Academic Associates Learning Centers and International Teacher Training Centers offer five services:

1. We teach students of all ages, abilities and disabilities to read
2. We train teachers and entrepreneurs to open their own profitable part-time or full-time home-based or commercially-based business at a fraction of the usual cost
We train teachers to teach reading to every student in their classrooms
We train teachers to teach reading to Title I and other pull-out students in all grades
5. We train churches and other nonprofit agencies to operate literacy centers for their constituents and for community outreach

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