Have you dreamed of starting your own learning center?
Many people dream of owning their own business, but until now the cost to open a learning center has been prohibitive unless one could afford to invest $35,000 to $500,000 or more. That has all changed. There is a new player in the game which enables you to open an exciting, elite and profitable learning center for a total cost that is less than the down payment on most businesses.

Be a major player in changing people's lives

It’s exciting not only because you will be your own boss, but you will be a major player in changing people’s lives. You will bring hope and success to students who have little or no hope without your help. You will teach reading faster and more effectively than anyone else in the world, except for those whom we have trained.

It’s elite because you will offer a service that others cannot even begin to match. The Academic Associates® reading instruction methodology is unsurpassed in effectiveness and ease of use for both teachers and students. Your students will begin to improve in the very first lesson.

Teach Others to Read

“I feel as if I’m floating along on a cloud.”
The satisfaction you will experience will be a reward beyond measure. As Dr. Ardyce Morgan, Ed.D, a public school psychologist, said so succinctly, “I may be tired when I begin a lesson with a student, but before long I am energized. I feel as if I’m floating along on a cloud [with the Academic Associates method]. I’ve never experienced that before.”

One reading specialist who uses a popular method—but not ours–reported that her students require from 400 to 600 hours over two to five years to reach their appropriate reading level. That is not unusual, but we do it in just 30 to 60 hours (longer for severely disabled and very young students). The head reading specialist for a large city school district stated that our methodology accomplishes in the first lesson what had previously required almost an entire year for her first-graders. (See our section entitled Successes!)

The goal of many first-grade reading courses is for students to read from 200 to 600 words by the end of the year. In our very first lesson, our students, including those with learning disabilities, read at least 300 words and are empowered to read thousands more. That first lesson may take from one hour to six or seven hours. Don’t you think that is a fantastic breakthrough in reading instruction!?

We will teach you how to open your choice of any or all of the following—they are all included for one low investment:

1. A specialized reading clinic
2. A specialized math clinic
3. A combination reading and math clinic
4. A full-curriculum learning center

You can operate in your home or open a large commercial center, full-time or part-time, it’s your business and your choice. You can run a one-person business or hire others to teach for you and profit from their work. You’ll be certified as a Reading Instruction Specialist. You will receive guidance to help you establish and operate your business. If you have a table, a few chairs and a telephone you can be in business the day you return from your training. We’ll supply everything else.

We will teach you how to attract students at very low cost or no cost. Most of our students are referred by their school teachers or by enthusiastic parents. The Academic Associates methodology is the most effective the world has ever seen. Even if your area is saturated with learning centers, they can’t come close to achieving the results you will achieve. If you’re a classroom teacher you can also use the method in your classroom and with pull-out students of all ages at your school.

You can generate a substantial income while helping those who are in great need of your services.

As you undoubtedly know, millions of students can’t read, and their parents are desperate to obtain help for them. They know that their children’s future depends to a great degree on their academic performance, so they spend billions of dollars annually to raise that performance. It is a huge market. You can generate a substantial income while helping those who are in great need of your services.

You may charge from $40 an hour in depressed areas to $120 or more in affluent areas. And when you hire others to teach for you, you profit from their work. (Here at our headquarters we have always paid our teachers half of our $60 hourly charge—they’re happy to teach for $30 an hour.)

Reading skills are the foundation of all academic pursuits.

The Reading Course
Reading skills are the foundation of all academic pursuits. It’s widely accepted that students who fall seriously behind in reading almost never catch up, but our students typically catch up to or surpass their appropriate reading level after only 30 to 60 hours of instruction. Many came from years behind, and were diagnosed with severe learning disabilities, yet often they have become some of the top readers in their schools. Even the most severely learning disabled will make outstanding progress.

Academic Associates® Reading Course is based on years of scientific and educational research.

The Academic Associates® reading instruction method is so successful because it is:
1. an actual word-by-word, step-by-step protocol for teaching reading, like building a pyramid one block at a time.
2. based on years of scientific and educational research.
3. carefully structured—students show improvement from the very first lesson.
4. all-inclusive—students are empowered to read and comprehend on their appropriate level, and usually much higher.
5. appropriate for primary, remedial, and advanced instruction for all ages.
6. effective for ELL/ESL students.
7. appropriate for individual instruction, small groups, or entire classrooms.

Every student can learn to read.

Every student can learn to read
We’ve taught students from four years of age to 72, and they all learned to read. Although they typically began as the poorest readers in their school with dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, fetal drug and alcohol syndrome, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, developmental delay, auditory processing deficit, Savant syndrome, Tourette syndrome, and more. We taught them all to read. If they can speak reasonably well, they can learn to read.

The Academic Associates® method is simple and uncomplicated. It is presented in small, logical, sequential steps. As each tiny step is presented from the teacher’s manual, students respond and automatically begin to read. Our students routinely make gains that are unheard of with other methods. Their self-esteem skyrockets. They raise their grades in every subject. Our method doesn’t cure learning disabilities, but it helps students learn to work around many of them.

No other program is so low-cost or as effective as ours.

Teach Others to Read

Math and Other Subjects
You may include all the other subjects if you wish. You will bring your students up to proficiency-level in math and other subjects even if you’re not a specialist in those areas. You can easily hire math specialists and others to teach for you. You may teach one student at a time or an entire classroom.

You Can Teach Reading.

Can you do it?
We have trained Classroom Teachers, Teacher Aides, Student Teachers, Reading Specialists, Ph.D.’s, Ed.D’s, Learning Resource Specialists, Learning Disabilities Specialists, Principals, College Teachers, College Students, Superintendents, Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Curriculum Specialists, Pastors, Priests, Speech Pathologists, Nurses, Administrators, Parents, Home Schooling Moms. Entrepreneurs and others from nearly every state and several other countries.

They all agree that the Academic Associates® reading instruction method is the most important advance in reading instruction in the history of education. You are invited to join them. After five days of intensive training, you’ll teach reading at a level that surpasses every other methodology. And you will learn how to run your business. Additional and ongoing training and support is provided your first year.

The entire investment in the Academic Associates® Reading Course is only $7,500.

The investment
If you have investigated learning center franchises, you know that you would pay from $35,000 to $500,000 just to get started, plus royalties of ten percent or more, and other constantly recurring fees which often take as much as 20 percent of your income for as long as you own the business. You also have to purchase all your materials from the franchisor.

The entire investment in an Academic Associates Learning Center is only $7,500. And unlike a franchise, you’ll never pay any royalties or other fees. Many businesses pay more every month in fees than you will pay for your entire business. A former learning center franchise owner whom we trained stated that there was very little remaining after she paid the franchisor each month.

Don’t think of the $7,500 as an expense, but rather regard it as an investment. An expense is something you never recover, while an investment implies that you have the opportunity to recover not only your initial funds, but also to generate an income for many years. If you do the math you will see that you may recover your entire investment in a relatively short time, and everything you receive after that is profit.

Our new plan to make it easier for students to enroll will usually return your entire investment with your first five students. This is unheard of! No other investment we have ever seen makes it so easy to recover your investment and begin pocketing profits!

The complete package includes training, two sets of teacher’s materials (because you may soon need to hire another teacher to help you), a business manual, brochures, promotional materials, supplies for your first 30 students plus masters to produce future student materials yourself at very low cost, and much, much more. You’ll have everything you need to start your business immediately. We’ll be here for support when you need us, but we’ll never charge you for it.

Nothing like this has ever been offered before. It isn’t for everyone, but it may be just right for you. If you would enjoy the excitement and fulfillment of owning your own business and creating a good income for yourself while helping others to succeed, then this may be just what you’re looking for.

You can operate at home
There are over 40,000 home-based businesses in the United States. They save thousands of dollars a year in rent, utilities and upkeep. It allows you to keep the money you earn—and you never have to travel to work! Whether you have an office or just a table and chairs and a telephone, you can be in business the day you arrive at home after the training. Many of our Associates operate at home, thus eliminating the extra expenses associated with a commercial location. Some teach only in schools or libraries.

A commercial center
If you choose to open in a commercial center you’ll have expenditures for furniture, etc. Some learning centers operate in office buildings, strip malls or small, multipurpose shopping centers or professional centers.

Teach Others to Read