Our one-on-one reading program uses a proven “back to the basics” method developed by Cliff Ponder, founder of the elite Academic Associates® Reading Program. Over 230 centers, schools, and private instructors have practiced this methodology in the United States and other countries around the world. Students who go through our program typically gain two reading grade levels in just 30 hours.

Students are gently led through a series of easy steps. Using this effective phonics approach, students will read correctly and efficiently. As they read, they are taught simple techniques for understanding what they read. Reading becomes a logical and uncomplicated process. If this sounds simple, it is!

•Students generally receive instruction at least twice a week for one hour per session.

Students in our program
read, grow, and succeed!

Reading is the foundation for all areas of academia. The objective of most first grade reading courses is for students to learn how to read (or memorize) 200 to 600 words by the end of the year. Sadly, many of them cannot even master reading 100 words. In our very first lesson, which is often completed in two to four hours, our students would have already read 300 words, and are soon empowered to read thousands more.

Our method is designed to cooperate with the whole brain by streamlining and accelerating the process of learning to read. By lesson 13, most fifth-graders through adults read college level words and comprehend grade-level material or higher.

Our philosophy is simple: teach at a pace where the student can understand and master each level before moving on to the next. This way, students can grow and succeed. They feel confident and motivated to learn more, attaining mastery…and a positive perspective on reading.

Read. Grow. Succeed.™

Reading is not an effortless process, but learning to read is now made simpler. We have taught thousands upon thousands of students to learn how to read. The Academic Associates® Reading Program is the most advanced reading instruction methodology developed, but it is not complicated.

So why is it that millions of eager, intelligent, creative people never learn to read well or at all? The reason is simple.

They can’t read words, so they can’t read! Period. End of story!

Learning to read absolutely must start with Step One­—learning to read words. Yet, reading words is the area of greatest weakness among poor readers, but it does not have to be!

How reading works

In written English, letters are essentially codes that stand for sounds. Learn to say the sounds of the letters and then the letter clusters in order, and the word is decoded and easily pronounced. Some letters and combinations make more than one sound. In these cases, students are able to easily adapt and master the pronunciations after learning only a few rules. Reading then becomes an exciting, logical, uncomplicated process.

Unfortunately, in most reading programs, those rules are almost never taught. The Academic Associates® Reading Program method is taught in manageable, sequential steps. It provides a specific step-by-step protocol for teaching students to read.

Students learn fast.

We’ve taught students from three years of age to seventy-two. We’ve taught students with various disabilities (readers that exhibit dyslexia, ADD, ADHD, autism, developmental delays, auditory processing deficits, and other disabilities). They all learned to read through the Academic Associates® Reading Program.


Academically challenged students are helped to the upper limits of their capacity. School classrooms that use our methodology are reporting progress that, until now, was considered unattainable. In many of these classrooms, every student is reading at the appropriate level.

But the course is not just for students who are experiencing difficulty, the program serves as a great enrichment tool for those who are at level or above. Many of these students gain several additional grade levels in reading ability.

The Academic Associates® Reading Program works consistently, even when other methods have failed.

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